Friday, August 22, 2014

The objectives of the Inland Empire Zakat Cooperative

With the strengths and weaknesses of the local zakat sector clearly identified, it was now time to put together objectives that would not only resolve the impasse existent in the local zakat sector, but ensure that the outcome can expand and is easily replicable.  Hence, we had to move beyond SMART goals to SMARTER goals.  The additional E corresponds (easily) Expandable - the addition of local mosques is simple and encouraged.  The R would correspond with Replicable - as the intent is not only to expand our local area of cooperation, but to create a system that could be duplicated elsewhere.

The objectives could be broken down into several areas.  The general objective, or mission, would correspond to the long term goal to be accomplished.  The remaining three goals, Management, Platform and Legal correspond to the targeted statements outlining the direction and focus.  Lastly, the strategy would correspond to the method of implementation.

  • To advance the field of study and research in the area of American Islamic Finance; specifically zakat management [collection, handling and distribution].
  • To create and achieve an effective, efficient and expandable working model for zakat management in the geographic area.

  • to foster a working relationship between Mosque and Islamic organizations in the IE specifically on the zakat (and possibly social service) sector
  • Implementation a transparent system for the a) collections b) handling c) distribution of zakat.
  • Educate [zakat professionals and constituents] of rulings and rights.

  • Design a platform that would influence and address large scale behavior.  
  • Create a welcoming and encouraged feedback system where the findings and suggestions can immediately implement change.
  • Devising and implementing regulation mechanisms.
  • Standardized and transparent accounting and operating procedures.
  • To create a distribution model that ensures the most efficient and robust distribution method which balances invasiveness and ease [for the applicant] but yet ensures diligence in the review process.
  • To ensure that specific rights of the zakat are handled correctly.
  • To ensure proper handling of the zakat funds.
  • To offer the resolution of jurisprudence issues by implementing views and rulings that fit our community best while attempting to retaining and respecting the divergence of views among different schools of thought.
  • To focus on the poor and needy in the vicinity; as the Inland Empire, according to a 2013 US Census Bureau report, ranked the highest, among the nations largest 25 metropolitan areas, for residents living below the poverty line.

  • Capitalize on the wealth of cumulative knowledge and experience in the region.
  • Capitalize on volunteers in existing mosques and organizations.
  • Create a cooperative of mosques and organizations working together vs a new organization.

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  1. chamcommunity444@gmail.comSeptember 29, 2014 at 12:59 PM

    My name is Mokhtar Binisa - president of the CMAMC/SABIREEN of Pomona. On behalf of the Cham American Muslim Community, I'd like to express my deep appreciation and say thank you to the Zakat administration and management and specifically Br. Husam Suleiman for providing us the Zakat funds for distributing to our local poor and needy brothers and sisters. I have no comments or feedbacks so far in regard to the managements. However,I'll do so in the future, if any. May Allah continue to bless you and your community.